A Close Call

When you are on the mission field, everyone always says, “I’m praying for you.” Monday morning was one of the days that I KNEW there were people praying for me. I was on my way home from dropping the kids off at school and was waiting at a stoplight behind a very large bus. I remember thinking to myself that the bus was one of the biggest buses I had seen around and it had SO MUCH stuff tied to the top of it, I hoped it would all make it. As the light turned green, a voice told me not to go but let the bus go on ahead and I should go very slowly. I looked at the top of the bus and saw it was really close to the electric wires, no, it was touching the electric wires! The bus was moving along and taking the wires with it, I thought that maybe all the stuff on the top was going to come flying backwards and land on me or the road in front of me but instead, the bus kept moving, taking the wires with it…out of the corners of my eyes, I saw the three poles the wires were attached to start to lean towards the bus and then they were ripped out of the ground and the bus was dragging the poles and live wires behind it. At this point, I was not moving at all but honking the horn, along with everyone else around trying to get the bus to stop moving. It finally stopped and there were sparks and wires everywhere!! It was quiet for just a moment and then I heard this terrible wailing. A woman had been hit, knocked to the ground and had a hole in her foot where the electricity had exited her body. People were rushing towards her, bandaging her foot because it was bleeding ALOT!!!

There were already police at the intersection because it was “rush hour” but they were just walking around not knowing what to do. I realized two things at that moment; One: I am alone and am still limited on my Portuguese and Two: I need to move my car and show people there is a way to get out. So, I drove over the middle median, did a u-turn and waited because the police started coming over to my car. Oops!, I thought. But no, they smiled, gave me a thumbs up and waved because they realized this was the way to clear traffic so help could get through.

I drove off pretty shaken up but also grateful that there are people in prayer around the world. Had I gone through the light like I normally do…

I have driven through the light several times the past few days and each time I find myself praying for the safety of those traveling the road. Interestingly, the poles and wires got replaced…with the old poles and wires and the wires are hanging just as low as on Monday. TIA: “This is Africa” 🙂

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