Books for Life

I like to read. I like to read a lot. I normally read about a book a week. Sometimes a lot more. Sometimes less, but not very often. For example, last month, when I had a couple of weeks off from normal responsibilities I read 14 books. It was a good month.

So at the end of 2011 I came to 2 important realizations. First, I need to reread more books. I have read too many good books to think that just because a book is new it is better than one I have read. And my second realization is that I need to ensure a good balance to the books that I read to make sure I am reflecting on different roles in my life.

So I have compiled a list of 12 different “roles” that I have and have assigned at least 1 book I would like to read each year for that role. Although I am fond of many of these books, I am always up for a suggestion on a better book for any particular category. Let me know what you think.

Power of Full Engagement
Ordering Your Private World

The Critical Journey

From Wild Man to Wise Man

Love and Respect
His Needs, Her Needs

Parenting with Love and Logic


Getting to Plan B

Teaching to Change Lives
Made to Stick

Spiritual Biographies
Oswald Chambers
Hudson Taylor
Jim Elliot

The Soul of the Apostolate

Payback Time/Rule #1 Investing

Accidental Landlord


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2 Responses to Books for Life

  1. John Bonynge says:

    Hey Jello,
    I like your list of books. You should add “What Your Mother Couldn’t Tell You & What Your Father Didn’t Know” and “The Meaning of Marriage” to the Husband list. I have also enjoyed “Reason for God” and purchased 6 copies to give to friends. I was just looking for some summertime books. I think I’ll get a couple on your list that I have not read yet. Say “hi” to Tweety for me!
    Grace and Peace,

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