Moving Target

One of the great difficulties of following Jesus, is that Jesus never tells us where we are going.

If I were to stop by your house tomorrow after work and ask if you want to come with me, you would of course ask me: “Where are we going?” The strangeness of the Christian faith is that our Lord says follow me, and then just keeps moving. He never really arrives anywhere.

And I think that our need for a destination is one of the reasons that Christianity has become so unattractive to many people over the years. We try and insert a destination into Jesus’ instructions: Follow me… to a better life. to holiness. to a stronger family. to the Holy Lands to destroy the Moors. to spiritual enlightenment. to personal happiness.

But the only destination that Jesus seemed set on during his life on earth was the cross. And although he led his disciples there, they didn’t follow him. So he went alone with his mom and a couple of others there to watch.

It is hard to hit a moving target. It is hard to follow Jesus because Jesus doesn’t stand still. So often we just want to know where we are going so we can take the 3 easy steps to get there (regardless of whether we would walk with Jesus). But Jesus doesn’t tell us where we are going. He just asks us to follow him.


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