You know you are too busy when…

So we had a bit of parenting flop a couple of days ago. Amy has been especially busy at the kids’ school with PTA responsibilities and I have been busy at the gym trying to help get it ready to open.

To give you a picture of just how busy we are, take last weekend as an example. On Saturday I ran a marathon in South Africa while Amy organized the food fair at the kids school. The next day there were 200 people at our house for a wedding and I spent time with a team of South Africans who were in town on a short-term trip to work on the gym. Marathon – Food Fair – Short-Term Team – Wedding. We are really busy.

Well on Thursday night this week Jake and Alyson had a play at school. It was a circus. Literally. Alyson was a snake dancer who did a great job hula hooping to a well-choreographed dance routine. Jake was a magician who successfully pulled a spider and a scarf out of a hat. (I still don’t know how he did it because he explained to me that magicians aren’t supposed to reveal their secrets.)

So after the show Amy headed back out to the refreshment table to sell snacks and I piled the kids into the car to go home. At home, I successfully got them into pajamas and into bed. Then the next morning when I logged in to the computer I saw a picture Amy posted on Facebook that Alyson had lost her tooth. I thought it was crazy that she lost her tooth just before she left for school and I missed it.

But she didn’t. She lost it at school the day before and we didn’t notice. Amy and I each had multiple conversations with our daughter who lost one of her TOP, FRONT teeth and we didn’t notice.

How can you miss something like that? I mean, it’s a front tooth. And yet, we didn’t see it until the next morning.

I wonder what else I have been missing recently. I imagine there is quite of bit of stuff on the list of things I have missed in the last couple of weeks.

So I spent some time confessing my sin of busyness to God. It’s ridiculous to allow myself to get too busy. I felt like a failure as a parent.

After my confession (which God graciously accepted as always), God reminded me that Mary and Joseph once left Jesus by himself in Jerusalem while they headed home to Nazareth. He was left by himself for a couple of days! And yet God still chose them as the parents of the Messiah.

I think that was God’s way of reminding me that as parents, we get a lot of slack. Apparently even kids with parents who are sometimes busy, frazzled, and forgetful can still turn out okay.


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2 Responses to You know you are too busy when…

  1. micczech1212 says:

    Great post…I was reminded at DAR that the two Chinese symbols that make up the word for busyness are “soul” & “annihilation”!

    Love you bro!

  2. Not too long ago, I was getting down on myself for not being the kind of Mom I want to be and then I read this post. I got a good laugh about the tooth. And was so glad to be reminded of Jesus parents not being perfect. I am going to do my best to remember that each time I find myself bummed at my failures at being the perfect Mom.

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