End of the Year Check-Up

I don’t do resolutions anymore. OK – I suppose I think about things I am going to work on next year that I didn’t focus on this last year, but it doesn’t feel quite like a resolution.

I’ve changed from resolutions to an annual check-up. I go and see a doctor once a year to talk about how my body is doing. So a couple of years ago I decided to do the same thing with God. Since I am bit of a checklist kind of guy, I searched the scriptures for various lists that I could use as a self-assessment. Then I created a document to help me honestly assess where I am at.

I check red if it needs immediate attention, yellow if I need to work on it more, and green if things seem to be okay. Here’s what I came up with. Let me know what you think. Also, if you can think of some other lists from the Bible that might help me with my annual checkup, please pass them along.

(please note – the lists are doubled because they were used as a handout in a church bulletin.)



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Beggar, Abolitionist, Man of God
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1 Response to End of the Year Check-Up

  1. Barbara Mill says:

    Dave, I “stumbled” across your blog tonight and was greatly blessed by your checklists. This was God’s perfect timing, as they fit perfectly with something my husband’s been sharing in his teaching in the last few months. Thanks for making them available to download. May God continue to bless you, Amy, and your family as you serve him in Mozambique.

    Barbara Mill
    former WorldVenture board member

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