Enterprise and Missions

I think that enterprise can be a very good thing. I believe that even for those of us who do faith-based work, business can be a vehicle for changing the world.

Here in Mozambique I have already seen the effects of enterprise on the women we work with through Free The Girls. It is amazing to see the transformation of the women that is caused by their participation in a business in just a short period of time.

One of my favorite stories is of “F”. When she first started working for us, she was constantly trying to find out what she could get for free. Now, after several months of selling bras she employs a couple of other women to help her sell. She started off wanting a handout, she moved to being a sole-proprietor selling bras, and now has employees! She’s a small business owner. Enterprise has changed her whole life.

But I see enterprise working in other areas as well. Amy and I don’t just work with survivors of trafficking. We also work with a team that helps street boys return to their homes. To date, they have helped over 50 boys leave the streets of Maputo and reintegrate with their community. They follow up with each of the boys to make sure they are in school and that their family continues to provide for them.

Together with this team I have started Armadura Gym. This neighborhood gym helps to fund the project to street boys. What’s especially great is watching Mozambican dollars pay for Mozambican ministry. It’s beautiful.

And of course, I have more projects in the works as I write, but they aren’t ready to go public just yet. In my short time here in Mozambique I have been convinced more and more that God is using business alongside of missions to transform lives. I’m excited to keep dreaming up new ways to find partnerships between the two. Let me know if you might want to partner with me on any of these projects.


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1 Response to Enterprise and Missions

  1. Priya says:

    Dave, last night i watched “Mozambique or Bust” in CNN. Very inspiring! I appreciate for what you are! Keep up the good work. You have inspired me!

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