(Part-One) Some thoughts on my short-term mission trip to the USA

I got back recently from a short-term mission trip. I went to the far off land of the United States of America. I got to visit the natives in their natural habitats, eat the “local food” and even preach in their churches.

Although I say much of this in jest, my recent trip to the States felt oddly like a short-term mission trip. Like most trips I have been on, this one was packed to overflowing with activity. I traveled around. I lived out of a suitcase. I met with church leaders. I preached. I met with friends. I ate some more. I went shopping for a couple of items I can’t get (or cant get as cheaply) in Africa. I ate quite a bit more.

I think what made my recent trip seem most like a mission trip was that it was clearly a visit to place that was not home. Unlike most of my other trips, I had the advantage of an insider’s knowledge of speaking the language and knowing the culture. But it still felt a bit foreign. I felt out of place the whole time. It was no longer home. That made if feel weird.

What made it exactly like every short-term trip I have been on was the nature of the church. I love the church. There is nothing like a gathering of the People of God. I love local bodies of believers who gather together to worship, learn, grow, serve, share, and love on each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

Words can’t express how filled up I was at the end of my trip. In one way I left exhausted by my ridiculous schedule. In another, much more important way, I was filled to overflowing. It was breathtaking to be taken care of so well by the people of God.

And so, to…

TNL, Scum of the Earth, Greenwood Community and Denver Community Church

I say “thank you.” I am very, very grateful for how you invest into me and my family. Thanks.


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2 Responses to (Part-One) Some thoughts on my short-term mission trip to the USA

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  2. Jeff Jenkins says:

    My family and I heard you yesterday at Denver Community Church. Thank you for your message on living in the tension between Psalm 22 and Psalm 23. What you had to say about the doubts you sometimes have really resonated with one of our middle-school-aged kids who rarely comments on what is heard on Sundays. We heard, “I thought I was the only one who ever has doubts.” Thank you for being real and genuine about your relationship with God, and for what you do through Free the Girls.

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