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Good vs. Great

As a missionary/consultant here in Mozambique, I have the opportunity to meet with a number of people in the world of ministry. Some are national pastors or ministry leaders. Others are expatriates (foreigners). The longer I live here, the more … Continue reading

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Missionaries as Musicians

A couple of nights ago one of our Mozambican friends came over for dinner. He picked up the guitar in our main room and began to play a song in Shangaan. Abigail and Alyson sat on the floor and sang … Continue reading

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Going Home

No, we are not planning on visiting the States anytime soon, but I did get to witness the first stage of an amazing homecoming this week. We have several friends here in Mozambique who work with boys from the street … Continue reading

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Skype Confessional

One of the most unexpected phenomenon we have experienced while being here in Mozambique is the surprising amount of contact we still have with friends and family back home. Although we aren’t nearly as plugged into people’s lives as we … Continue reading

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How we give to the poor

Having spent the last year living among Mozambicans whose income level is far below the levels and averages in the West, I have been pondering how best to go about giving to the poor. Literally I could walk out my … Continue reading

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I Teach Therefore I Am

Before I left America everyone was asking what I was going to do in Africa. I talked about starting businesses. I talked about meeting with leaders. I even mentioned a small project to combat human trafficking I was working on. … Continue reading

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Our First Year: I am a missionary

Here is Abigail explaining what it means to be a missionary for a friend’s VBS. Enjoy!

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